Calling all women+

And the Men Who Stand for Them

calling all Women+

Let Meghan tell you about the project in this VIDEO

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“The River Rock Project is a celebration of women and all that we’ve achieved in the 100 years since we fought for - and won - the right to vote. And all we still have to achieve. It is about galvanizing women to get out the vote; to raise our voices and be heard. I sing this song for all the women who have been brave and bold enough to speak their truth, even when society doesn’t want to hear it. This is River Rock.” - Meghan Cary 




The River Rock Music Video

Who: You and 100 Women+

What: Music video of the song, "River Rock"!

When: Right now.

Where: In your home

Why: To celebrate women's rights and get out the vote!


big news


We've joined forces with Vision 2020 and Women 100 for the national premiere of the River Rock Music Video at the 2020 Toast to Tenacity. We'll be part of this historic celebration streaming live from the Justice Bell at Independence Mall with the Philadelphia Eagles and more August 26th. Find out how to tune into this historic celebration HERE.

What To Do: Make a Video with Your Message

  • Listen to "River Rock", and learn the lyrics to the chorus (HERE).
  • Create a video of YOU:
    1. Tell us who you are, and share why you're raising your voice (your message of equality, justice, or voting rights): "Hi, my name is___ and I'm singing for___"
    2. Play this MP3 of the song (that begins just before the 2nd chorus) on a device other than the one you're using to record.
    3. Sing (or lip sync or just speak the words) along with the choir from the 2nd chorus through to the end. Don’t worry about the audio quality, we'll just use the visual part of your recording to bring the song to life. Your energy, enthusiasm, and message (see above) is what we want to add to this project.
  • Fill out this simple form and upload your video (HERE)
  • Raise your voice with women+ around the world - unite, inspire change, and nourish one another!!

tips to make a great video

TIPS from Director, Will Drinker 

Other Things to Remember:

  • Don't worry if you don't think you sound good! Your spirit and message will be captured in the video (you can even just mouth the words!) The final product will use professionally recorded audio.
  • Start your video by introducing yourself, and why you're singing (your message). "Hi, I'm..., and I'm singing for...."
  • Feel free to hold up signs with your message, dance along, include your kids…your spouse….OWN the song!!   
  • Please keep your video rockin’ until the end of the song. Feel free to use this time to hold up your signs again!   
  • Remember, the better the quality you send us, the more likely we can use it. 
  • HAVE FUN!!!

  •  Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to F.A.Q.'S


Check out how easy it is to add yourself to be in the "River Rock" music video:

Sing along with Meghan to practice before your big close up!!

Submit your video

Made your video? click here to fill out the casting form and send us your video!

Made your video? click here to fill out the casting form and send us your video!

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The River Rock Project

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The River Rock Project and Women's Empowerment

Thanks for supporting the River Rock Project!

Thanks for supporting the River Rock Project!