We all Sing a little louder because of you...Meghan Cary!!! You have given us permission to open our hearts...and enjoy the ride.”

— Robie Jeffries


PERFORMANCE - Own the Stage

“Own the Stage” is an afternoon intensive of in-the-moment coaching on the stage with an audience of your peers. I'll work with you individually, meeting you where you are. Together we'll identify ticks and tricks that aren’t serving you, freeing you to authentically express your story in song, and engage your audience powerfully from first note to last. In this fun group environment, everyone learns not only by being coached, but also by observing others breaking through in the moment on the stage.  

If you want to bring your performance to the next level; If you’re hoping to book bigger, better venues and festivals; or if you’d simply like to feel more comfortable sharing your songs in a circle or at an open mic, this workshop is for you. My goal for everyone who participates is freedom, confidence, and JOY on stage.

SONGWRITING - Own Your Story

Songwriting is fun, invigorating, and even therapeutic. Songwriting in a group setting can move you through blocks, unlock inspiration, and push you to write outside your musical comfort zone. 

Join us for an "Own Your Story" workshop to prime the pump, and get the words and melody flowing. Spend an afternoon tuning into your own story and sharing it powerfully. Find inspiration in someone else’s story. Step out of reality and into theatricality. Find fun melodies. Laugh, cry, live on the page. 

UPcoming workshop

Meghan provides insights that are both pragmatic and profound - the kind only a true professional artist can give who has experienced the process of successful song creation first hand.”

— Marion Halliday

Meghan's priceless instruction in having a stage presence works whatever your skill level or lack thereof. I gained confidence and comfort.”

— Jenny French

Coaching form Meghan helped me reconnect with the emotion I originally felt when I wrote [my song], and drastically improved my performance. I love singing it now!”

— Lisa Jeanette

private coaching

I offer private performance, songwriting, and storytelling coaching in the Philadelphia area, as well as remotely (via zoom)

With over 25 years of experience on the stage as a professional actor, director, and performing songwriter, I've worked with artists and professionals from regional theaters around the country to the Philadelphia Folk Festival to The Actor's Shakespeare Company in NYC.

Do you have a great song you feel is destined to be a hit but it’s just not there yet? Or one that just isn’t grabbing your audience the way you 're sure it could? We’ll work together to develop your genuine voice, help you craft songs that resonate universally, and perform them with confidence and ease. 

In private coaching sessions, I meet you where you are, help you identify your personal performance and/or songwriting blocks, and break through them to where you truly want to be. 

Hourly session: $100. Or book a package of 3 sessions for $250.

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