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Why invest in The River Rock Project?  

Using music to inspire, educate and motivate people to action, The River Rock Project aligns participants and sponsors with a positive message: women’s empowerment, the power of raising our voices, and gender equality. In this, the Year of the Woman, nationwide programs are shining a spotlight on women: those who have made a difference in our world, as well as the inequalities that still present roadblocks today. Now more than ever, consumers are aligned with these causes.  

Current studies show that over 90% of consumers will choose one brand over another just because of a cause they represent or support.  According to the Edelman 2018 Earned Brand Study, one out of two consumers are belief-driven buyers. Or as Edelman puts it, “buying on belief is now the new normal.” We think amplifying the powerful voices of all women is a belief that we want to buy.  

The River Rock Project is an independent, passion-driven project. With very little start-up capital, a team of driven and capable makers and dreamers have assembled modest funds, a vision and plan: now, we need further investment to hire the women and the additional equipment to make it happen.

Opportunities for support:

Below are some of the potential investment benefits for our partners; customized opportunities specific to your needs are available.

Key Contributor ($5,000) 

Naming rights | Featured in credits of both videos | Access to all content | Credit on Project Website & Social properties | Email campaign 

Category Sponsor ($7,500) 

As above, with: Premium credit placement and recognition as Producer in both videos | Premium credit placement on Project Website | Dedicated Social Media recognition plan | Access to Meghan Cary for on-site Key-Note Speaker, Concert, or other promotion 

National Sponsor  ($15,000) 

As above, with: Exclusive premium credit placement (full screen) in both videos and recognition as Executive Producer | Exclusive preview & distribution access to content | Featured in Press Release | Opportunity to have an interview with a representative of your organization featured in content | Dedicated email and promotion featuring partnership with your organization

Opportunities are subject to availability and production deadlines.

For more information or to get involved with The River Rock Project, contact

Meghan Cary

view our pitch video, listen to River Rock.