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Using music to celebrate women’s rights, inspire continued action to achieve economic, social and political equality for all, and get out the vote.  We've earned a voice...let's raise it!

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We've joined forces with Vision 2020 and Women 100 for the national premiere of the River Rock Music Video at the 2020 Toast to Tenacity. We'll be part of this historic celebration streaming live from the Justice Bell at Independence Mall with the Philadelphia Eagles and more August 26th. Find out how to tune into this historic celebration HERE.


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What is the River rock project

The River Rock Project is an independent project by singer/songwriter activist Meghan Cary. Fueled by the desire to film and share Cary’s empowerment anthem, River Rock, and inspired by the compelling story of the Justice Bell and the women who employed this powerful symbol in the fight for women’s right to vote, The River Rock Project shines a spotlight on women who fought for equality throughout history and gives voice to women who are continuing that fight today.

As we celebrate the triumph of women standing for their rights and fighting for our voice, it’s important to acknowledge the ugliness of that fight. Ratification of the 19th amendment was a complicated process steeped in misogyny, racism and moral compromise. It was not a pretty battle. And as we forge ahead to continue the fight for equality and justice for all, begun by the suffragists 100 years ago, we face those same relentless forces. But we are better equipped to fight them. We have a voice. We are armed with the vote…let’s use it!

The Project will create a music video and an accompanying documentary film by an all female crew highlighting unique voices and perspectives of women on equality and voting rights today in 2020, the Year of the Woman. The Project takes the story of the Justice Bell, forged over a century ago as a symbol of women’s equality and justice for all, and brings it meaningfully into the present, calling for women to raise their voices and move purposefully into the future.

Purpose & Impact  

  • Celebrate the century of progress since women won the right to vote  
  • Bring attention to the story of the Justice Bell, a symbol of women’s suffrage born in Pennsylvania and the power of collective action to unchain voices  
  • Inspire action toward achieving economic, political, and social equality for all women  
  • Act as a tool for voter engagement and registration activities

Project Team & Representation of Women 

Led by Meghan Cary and film director Will Drinker, The River Rock Project assembles a powerhouse team of women in leadership roles, including:

Publicity: Denise Kovalevich, CEO of dmk Publicity, in conjunction with Justice Bell 2020
Cinematography: Aly Spengler
Outreach & Voter Engagement Consultant: Susan M. Furey, Ed.D.
Strategy & Marketing: Jennifer Moyer-Smith, Alice & Albert Inc.
Project Management: Jennifer Rajotte, Wolf Den Management 

The River Rock video and documentary will highlight the accomplishments and contributions of women representing a diversity of voices, from seasoned CEO’s to young entrepreneurs,  and change makers of all ages and ethnicities, including Alexandra “Sandi” Tatnall, descendant of Justice Bell suffragist Katharine Wentworth Ruschenberger.

Distribution & Promotion 

  • The River Rock music video will be distributed to promote, and in conjunction with 19th Amendment Centennial Celebrations, Justice Bell 2020 events, and Get Out The Vote initiatives. 
  • A Documentary film telling the story of the Project and the Justice Bell will be shared with strategic broadcast outlets across the country and via film festivals; a trailer and/or teaser content will promote the project throughout 2020. 
  • Social Media campaign focusing on emotional content of the music video to drive awareness. 
  • National outreach to outlets, publishers and influencers for reviews, features, and interviews. 
  • Local and national radio campaign and confirmed DJ coverage, fueled by Cary’s established music career.


All funds raised are being used to pay the team of women who make up the crew and leadership of the River Rock Project.




    The River Rock Project and Women's Empowerment

    meeting the moment

    Covid 19

    A woman's right to vote was not won easily. Along with battling inequality which had lasted for all of human history, Women's Suffrage was threatened by an influenza pandemic known as the Spanish flu. From 1918 through 1920, The Spanish flu infected 500 million people around the world, or about 27% of the world population.  The death toll is estimated to have been anywhere from 17 million to 50 million, and possibly as high as 100 million, making it one of the deadliest epidemics in human history.  It sounds all-too familiar.

    On August 18th, 1920 despite the pandemic, and thanks to the tenacity of the women brave and bold enough to raise their collective voice and speak their truth in the face of great opposition, the 19th Amendment was passed giving women the right to vote. The voice of American women rang out.

    In 2020, the 100th anniversary of that hard-won right, we are committed to honoring these women, and celebrating all we have achieved since and because of their tenacious fight. No matter what the world throws at us we will continue to raise our voices for equality, and "justice for all".

     Now, more than ever, we need to come together, raise our voices, VOTE, and be heard.

    Make your contribution here

    Make your contribution here

    River Rock

    A celebration of all the women who have been brave and bold enough to speak their truth, even into a society that might not want to hear it. Thank you for raising your voice so that mine can be heard.

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    I am no one’s baby, I am not a girl 
    I have spent some decades rattling round this world 
    I am not the next new thing, I’ve been here too long 
    I have spent my life turning stories into song 

    I am not silver, I am not gold 
    No precious metal for you to mold 
    I am a river rock tumbled smooth 
    By the rush of life, this life I choose 

    I have come to see things through a prism lens 
    As I make this journey closer to its end 
    At many turns I’m troubled by much of what I see 
    But I won’t waste my breath declaring you’ve done this to me 

    I am not silver, I am not gold 
    No precious metal for you to mold 
    I am a river rock tumbled smooth 
    By the rush of life, this life I choose

    Every step along the way 
    I made my own choice 
    I tried to choose the truth 
    That’s how I found my voice 

    I am not silver, I am not gold 
    No precious metal for you to mold 
    I am a river rock tumbled smooth 
    By the rush of life, this life I choose 
    I am a river rock tumbled smooth 
    By the rush of life, this life I choose

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