FEB 13, 2020

Authentic Expression...Love 
Couldn't find a credit for this photo, but just had to share - it definitely resonates during this month of love...in this year of the woman...on my journey to being the possibility of authentic expression!

What a year it's been this past month!! Thanks to all of you who came out to share the music, connect with our community, and raise your voices together. 

Our House Concert Series. Because I guess we've officially somehow begun one. Our first ever house concert here at #ThisHouseMakesNoise with Roger Street Freidman was a huge success! What an incredible experience to both play and host the event. Roger just killed it, right?! In my living room! With his 4 piece band!! And then during our short set when you all erupted into the chorus of our first song, "Drive", it was like (in the words of Steve Uh) "going to church"! Never thought of it as a "sing along" song, but that certainly wasn't going to stop you...nor should it....ever!! YOU are the reason I make music, and moments like that make all of the day-to-day drudgery of this biz so very worth it! Apologies to anyone we weren't able to squeeze into the living room last month, but mark your calendars: Friday May 8th we'll be hosting Rod Abernathy. I'll be accepting seat reservations starting Tuesday March 24th. 

Other house Concerts. We kicked off February with another amazing house concert (have I mentioned how much I love house concerts?!), this time as performers only. Thanks so much to our gracious hosts, Margaret and Steve Sayers, and to the warm and welcoming crowd. All but two of you didn't know me from Adam (including our hosts!), yet showed up anyway, jumped right in, and took the ride with hearts open wide and voices strong. You rock! 

Performance Masterclass. And speaking of those who rock, I must give a shout out to all the artists who came out to "Own the Stage" on Sunday at PFS. That you did! I truly believe that sharing our stories leads to a deeper connection among all of us that is so incredibly necessary in the world right now. So thank you for taking seriously your responsibility to powerfully express your story to the world, in this case through song from the stage. You are courageous and you are making a difference. 

"River Rock" Empowering Women. In honor of 2020, the year of the woman, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote, I decided to create a music video of my song, "River Rock". I'm thrilled to share that what started as a simple music video for this song empowering women to stand stong, and speak their Truth, has grown into a project engaging and employing female film-makers across the region. The making of the music video of "River Rock" is now at the center of a documentary about women working in film as well as other traditionally male-dominated industries. We'll be shooting and editing the music video throughout March, Women's History month, the month set aside to commemorate the history of women's impact on our country and the world, and raise awareness of issues of inequality and injustice facing women worldwide. 

So that's what's up here. As always, I hope to see you soon somewhere along the road.

Feb 13, 2020