on the way to the waterfall

- A play with music by Meghan Cary

In the words of John Lennon: "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans.”
So when the path you're traveling is obliterated by some unforeseen disaster, is it tragedy? Or is the repeated reinventing of oneself what life is all about?
Follow Meghan as she winds her way from the life she knew she'd live to the life she's come to know...on the way to the waterfall.

what her audience is saying

We loved it! Meghan holds you from the beginning all the way through. The writing and acting made for seamless flashbacks to focus on the compelling story. It brings you in & out of the darkness and light of the reality of her life. Inspiring! ”

— Kristen & John Delaney

I was blown away by this performance. Meghan Cary brings a presence to the stage that holds you from the beginning. Her beautiful, vulnerable journey had me captivated and has stayed on my mind ever since. ”

— Sarah

Meghan Cary may have been knocked off course but, oh man, was she guided back to her true calling with forces from beyond and from within. ”

— Kelly Rell

upcoming productions

I can perform "On the Way to the Waterfall" in theaters, art studios, some music venues, and even your living room! Thinking of a great place for me to bring the play? Please let me know!

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