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  1. Onion Dream

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Onion Dream

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Maybe its the weather;
Could be the moon.
But I've lost the faith I need,
And I hope it comes back soon.

I miss the seasons;
I miss the sky.
The voice of a robin
That once could make me cry.

I'm Peeling the layers
And finding the core.
Wondering if there's me in there

Maybe its youth
That abandoned me here;
Focused and empty
My soul is running clear.

Sometime ago
I met the devil it seems;
And I sold him my soul for this damned
Onion dream.

And I'm searching for answers now
In everybody's eyes.
I can't tell the truth
But I can damn sure recognize
The lie
In this onion dream

Maybe I'll get drunk
And laugh for a while.
Laugh far too loud
Just to pass thru a smile.

And I have momentum
They call it success
But I look in the mirror and all I see
Is a goddamn mess
in this onion dream
in this onion dream
in this onion dream